Dispositif de financement ANR-Ruragri
Dates de début et de fin Septembre 2013-  Septembre 2017
Porteur du projet A. Torre, UMR Sadapt, Inra - AgroParisTech
Référent scientifique UMR Territoires Sylvie Lardon
Partenaires • UMR Sadapt
• UMR Agir
• UMR Innovation
• JIBS (Suéde)
• UNIMI (Italie)
• UNIGR (Autriche)
Aires géographiques
  • Europe


Towards A SmarT Rural Europe

The project intends to identify issues and forms of smart development of rural and peri-urban areas, and their relationships with urban dynamics, given the diversity of local configurations. This goal will also require examining the contribution of public policy and governance patterns as a consistent and innovative means of intervention to support smart development of rural areas.
We will provide local stakeholders and policy makers with dedicated tools, in order to transfer scientific knowledge to the managers of the European rural and peri-urban areas. These tools are intended to contribute to a Smart, inclusive and diverse European Rural development.

Pour en savoir plus : www.taste-smarteurope.eu